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Coil Lifters, Coil Jacks, Pipe Wipers

A-Jacks Coil Lifters are 1.25" wide, made of high quality, all-aluminum and Cadium Plated components, weighs about 11 pounds for easy installation and storage.  The A-Jacks Coil Lifter is delivered as two components for each side of the furnace and can lift coils off furnaces up to 60" tall so HVAC industry professionals can work SMARTER not HARDER.

The A-Jacks Coil Lifters are amazing. They make a coil pull and clean, in a furnace application or in a change out application, a lot easier on my guys as well as myself. With this tool, a service technician is able to do a pull and clean by himself without fighting the coil and being worried that it will fall once the furnace is removed. Also, another perk is that the coil jacks are very thin so even in the tight closets, these are still able to be used and work like a charm every time. Thanks, again, Paul for the quality tool you have provided. My team is very pleased.

Randy Albright  - HVAC Professional

A-Jacks Coil Lifter - Instructional Video

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