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Available in a pack of 5 or a pack of 10

3/4" Pipe Wipers

  • A-Jacks Mfg strives to manufacture a durable and high quality product. Within the first 30 days of receiving the product, should it be determined that a product or component of the product is defective, A-Jacks Manufacturing will replace product or component as appropriate. 

    What is the first step?

    The consumer must contact the manufacturer, A-Jacks Mfg, to inform them of a possible defect in the product.  The manufacturer will decide if the product should be returned for further investigation.  Do not ship back any product to the manufacturer without first discussing with them and getting their approval to ship back.

    Who pays for shipping the product back to the manufacturer?

    It is at the cost of the consumer to ship product to manufacturer.  

    How is the product determined to be defective or not?

    Once the product is received, the manufacturer will inspect all components and go through a quality assessment process to test it out. It is the manufacturer's final decision, upon inspection, as to any repairs or replacements.  If product or component proves to be defective, A-Jacks will repair or replace said components or product.  


    How and when will I know the results of the quality assessment review?

    A-Jacks will conduct and notify consumer as to the results of the quality assessment review within 7 days of receiving the product.


    How will I get my product returned?

    Product/Component Deemed Defective: 

    If product or component is defective; A-Jacks will make repairs or secure a replacement.  The shipping costs to ship back to consumer will be paid by A-Jacks Mfg.  

    Product/Component NOT Deemed Defective:

    If product is determined not to be defective; A-Jacks will discuss with consumer the return of the original product.  The cost of shipping back will be paid by consumer via COD shipping.  Consumer has the right to refuse the return of product.  

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